Taking the Gospel to Japan

Posted: April 18, 2011 in Hope

We (the Evans family) are currently planning to head for Japan towards the end of this year to join the Mission to the World (MTW) church planting project in Chiba prefecture, East of Tokyo. Their strategy is to plant churches in areas with new housing estates that are within commuting distance of Tokyo.  The churches planted as part of this project are among the few churches in Japan that are actually growing rather than dying.

So, in June last year, we went to visit the project (which began 20 years ago with one church: there are now seven churches).  In August, we were officially invited to join them in their endeavours to see the Japanese won for Christ. The role they have earmarked for us is to lead a team who will plant a church in the Chiba CBD. 

Will you work shoulder to shoulder with us in this endeavour? It costs around $120 000 a year for a family to live and minister in Japan. It seems a formidable sum … and yet, we are the body of Christ.  We cannot plant a church in Japan without your financial resources, and you cannot plant a church in Japan without our human resources!  Please partner with us in our journey to see the Japanese people saved by our merciful Lord and Saviour – to the praise of his glorious grace!


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