10 Reasons Why Mission is Critical in Japan

Posted: April 18, 2011 in Mission in Japan

1. Less than 0.2% of the population of Japan are Christian, making it the largest unreached nation in the developed world.

2. The Japanese do not understand what grace is; it’s not a part of their culture. Every seemingly generous act comes with a corresponding obligation.

3. Forgiveness is one of the most difficult things for the Japanese to do, because they rarely if ever experience it for themselves.

4. Japan as a nation is experiencing challenging social issues: has the highest rate of suicide in the developed world (almost 100 a day), marital breakdown and depression are rife, possession of child pornography is legal.

5. Japan has among the highest rates of literacy in the world, yet 98% of Japanese have never read or heard the gospel.

6. Most churches are dying because they are no longer relevant to the culture; many are syncretistic or liberal.

7. There are few training for full time ministry; many churches are without a pastor or have pastors nearing retirement.

8. The amount of missionaries to Japan is markedly decreasing because it is the most expensive mission field in the world.

9. Church planting is the most effective strategy for church growth; there is a desperate need for church planters.

10. The effects of globalism and the economic recession, the breakdown of traditional culture and the recent disasters have created an increasing sense of emptiness in the Japanese heart: now, more than ever before, the Japanese are looking for hope.

And yet, amidst all this, God has promised that He will build his church.


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